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About Pinnacle Minds

Pinnacle Minds is a memory improvement training company in Singapore. We conduct memory improvement training workshops and courses for both adults and students. We believe that memorisation is a skill much like reading and writing. Our team here at Pinnacle Minds aims to impart our knowledge to the general public on multiple memorisation techniques. Learn the best memory improvement techniques right here in Singapore. Improve your memory with us now!

Memory Improvement Training Workshops & Courses for Corporate Professionals

In this 30-90 minute lunchtime talk, participants will be taught some of the best memory improvement skills from the latest scientific research as well as memory experts. Click on this link here to learn more: Corporate Lunchtime Talks in Singapore

This full day workshop will cover advance memory improvement techniques such as the memory palace, the journey method as well as the major system: Full Day Corporate Memory Improvement Workshop 

Team will go head to head in an all out memorisation and recall quiz while emphasising key team building principles: Team Building Memory Improvement Course 


Memory Improvement Workshops & Training Courses for Students

Pinnacle Minds have a memory training workshops contextualised for students depending on their different area of studies and learning needs.

PSLE, Primary School Students Memory Improvement Course

O’Level, Secondary School Students Memory Improvement Course

A’Level, JC Students Memory Improvement Workshop

IB Students Memory Improvement Workshop

Polytechnic Student Memory Improvement Courses

Undergraduate Student Memory Improvement Workshops

Postgraduate Student Memory Improvement Course

ITE Student’s Memory Improvement Training Workshop

School Holiday Workshops in Singapore


Pinnacle Minds have combined the best memory improvement techniques to help secondary school students master geography. Geography is a memory intensive subject and we have the right memory tools for any students to ace their geography paper. Tuition are conducted by our chief trainer, Mr.Sancy Suraj. Click on the link to learn more: Geography Tuition

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Simple Memory Improvement Tips

Great memory capacity would help in your life when remembering, contemplating, or to anticipate memory misfortune. As of late, there was a study demonstrated that normal individuals is thinking less nowadays in view of PCs do numerous things for them. Be that as it may, we trust that we require more beneficial mind and great memory to live brilliant, work successfully, and be more advantageous. Here are 10 hints for enhancing memory work:


1. Yawn

Yawning gives great measure of air to your mind and unwinds muscle, with the goal that it makes you feel fresh&active. In spite of the fact that yawn happens automatically, we’ve seen a few people do whatever it takes not to yawn and quickly shuts their mouth. Thus, at whatever point you yawn, attempt to unwind and appreciate that minute.

2. Utilize non-overwhelming hand

In the event that you are correct given, endeavor to utilize left hand, and the other way around. It is realized that utilizing one hand will grow just a single side of a cerebrum. For instance, in the event that you are left given, you presumably grew right half of your mind more than left side, so endeavor to utilize the two hands on the off chance that you can. In the event that you are able to use both hands, which implies you are both given, well, you are a brilliant individual!

3. Point of confinement time

It is less demanding to focus when there is time constrain. You may have encountered in school or secondary school, beginning a task late and completing it ideal on time. In the event that you are cautioned that there is a due date and should complete it some time recently, you may amass with a specific end goal to complete it on time. Notwithstanding, you may likewise have encountered utilizing such a great amount of time for an undertaking that could take less. In the event that you have all that could possibly be needed time and begin an assignment, it might be harder to focus (you may think something pointless) and may sit idle. In spite of the fact that you have enough time, attempt to constrain time for each undertaking.

4. Eat something sweet

Sweet nourishments likewise help your memory. Scientists found that eating desserts invigorates your cerebrum, particularly memory part of mind, so it keeps your mind dynamic. You may have seen a few people eating chocolates or a confections when they study, and it really makes a difference. Be that as it may, don’t eat them an excess of in light of the fact that a lot of desserts is bad for your body.

5. Tune in to great music

Specialists found that great music, particularly moderate and quiet musics, can help concentrating in light of the fact that individuals unwittingly feel moderate. Melodies we for the most part listen nowadays have normal beats every moment of 90-120, and moderate exemplary tunes as a rule have 60-65 beats for every moment. Since individuals unknowingly feel time-going-moderate, they can accomplish more errand with a same measure of time.

6. Jasmine aroma

Jasmine aroma helps individuals casual as well as enables memory to work. It is on account of the aroma unwinds your body and enables mind to work well. Scientists at Bishop’s University tried and inferred that fragrance of jasmine and camomile enables memory to work. Our Jasmine Pearl (Stress Relief Tea) likewise contains jasmine and will likewise help brain&memory work. You may click here to discover more data.


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