Mind Mapping Course Content

1. What are mind maps?

2. Benefits of mind maps

3. Rules of mind mapping

4. When to use mind maps and when not to use mind maps.


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What are mind maps?

Mind maps:

Give a comprehensive, general picture, demonstrating all parts of a theme.

Depict diverse thoughts emanating from a focal idea or subject.

Spill out of ‘fundamental subjects’ put on thick branches close to the middle to ‘sub points’ on more slender branches, lastly “subtle elements” on thin branches on the edges.

Demonstrate the connections between various ideas.

What can mind maps be utilized for?

Mind maps can be utilized for pretty much anything in your degree!

A mind guide can help you:

Diagram your thoughts regarding a matter

Compose your considerations

Imagine an entire idea

Take and audit notes

Plan an article

Amend for your exams

Instructions to draw a mind outline

It is truly essential to utilize the right principles for mind mapping however once you comprehend and acclimate yourself with how to transform your considerations into a mind delineate, will turn into a simple approach to process data. Here are some straightforward principles:

Utilize a clear, unlined, bit of paper – scene. Lines will divert the eye and keep you from perusing the guide rapidly; scene will give you more degree for making level branches.

Start with your focal thought. This could be a correction theme or an exposition title.

Consider the fundamental themes related with your focal thought. Make thick branches emanating from the inside – every thick branch speaks to one of the primary themes you have distinguished. Utilize an alternate shading for each.

Draw more slender branches emanating from the thick ones, keeping up a similar shading plan. These speak to the sub points.

The most slender branches – the points of interest – then come from the sub subjects, achieving the edges of the mind delineate. Again these must be created in an indistinguishable shading from the thickest branch.

Print watchwords (or short expressions) obviously along the length of each branch (not toward the end). You might need to utilize capitalized for the thick (fundamental subject) branches and bring down case for the more slender branches.

Utilize images and pictures to make memory affiliations.

You can add to any of the branches whenever and make connects between branches.

When you have completed your mind delineate, about how you may deliver the data in direct frame (eg sections), maybe by numbering each arrangement of branches.

Points of interest of mind maps

Versatile – they can be utilized for addresses; note-production from books; article designs and so forth and also less organized errands.

Simple to include thoughts later, whenever.

Enable you to concentrate on the connections and connections between thoughts so you don’t simply have disengaged actualities.

Can be customized with pictures and images to make things more critical.

Valuable instrument for consolidating bunches of data – eg an entire point into a mind delineate, to help update.

Burdens of mind maps

Can’t consolidate huge pieces of content.

You need to adhere to the guidelines of mind mapping to get the ideal advantage from the apparatus.

Making the guide may require some serious energy. Be that as it may, this will help you to audit or review data and will check your comprehension.

When you’ve customized your guide, it can be troublesome for others to get it.


On March 17, Lexicon Reading Center is facilitating an address by Tony Buzan, creator of the Mind Mapping system, at The Library, Rashid Hospital, Dubai. The Mind Mapping for Students with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia is a workshop to enable teachers to recognize understudies’ comprehension of exhibited data, analyze and cure understudies’ learning issues proficiently, and associate with them through visual maps. The mind mapping strategy helps connect educating with getting the hang of, empowering understudies to “figure out how to learn”. It likewise encourages inventiveness, thoughts era, enquiry and critical thinking.

Buzan addressed The end of the week newspaper! a week ago with respect to the procedure and how it can be utilized to upgrade learning.

Kindly clarify what mind mapping is about

Mind outline a reasoning guide like the guide of a city, yet for your psyche. A mind delineate used to enable you to discover your way around your considerations.

The inborn propensity of the mind is not learn in a straight organization, but rather through creative ability and affiliation. In view of this understanding, the procedure utilizes visual portrayal of individual manners of thinking to give an imaginative, creative and proficient apparatus for learning. It is an intense realistic method which gives an all inclusive key to open the capability of the mind by utilizing a variety of beautiful designs associated with a focal theme. It bridles the full scope of cortical abilities — word, picture, number, rationale, beat, shading and spatial mindfulness — in a solitary, exceptionally effective way. In this manner, it gives you the flexibility to wander the boundless breadths of your mind. A mind guide can be connected to each part of life where enhanced learning and clearer thinking will improve human execution as it sorts out considerations and gives a simple to-take after structure to the learning procedure.

What amount is the procedure still reasonable in our carefully situated world where fluctuated data is accessible at the snap of a catch?

We live in a world that inexorably appears to require a greater amount of insight and creativity in its young personalities. As individuals have a tendency to rely upon hey tech devices to give data, there is almost no push to enhance memory abilities or think inventively. Mind maps fortify “examination considering” and support limit with regards to imaginative affiliations.

Additionally, because of similar contraptions, capacities to focus have contracted, to such an extent now and again a half-hour class is not sufficiently long for a tyke to get a handle on what’s going on in class. An instructor may make a showing design yet does the youngster have enough time to comprehend or make a mind delineate himself, so he can take in the data and record it in the meantime?

It is critical for instructing foundations to assign time for youngsters to comprehend and afterward translate the data through methods, for example, mind mapping. In the event that we don’t have sufficient energy to show youngsters the correct method for adapting, at that point it will be an exercise in futility. On the off chance that what is being instructed can’t be recalled or comprehended by the kid then it invalidates the point of the endeavors and time used by the two gatherings. This is the reason far and wide such a significant number of guardians are expelling their youngsters from customary instructive frameworks and enlisting them into self-teach frameworks where they have the opportunity to convey what needs be in an imaginative way or even wander off in fantasy land and influence utilization of shading in their figuring out how to process.

In the meantime, does taking notes in class help in truly instructing a kid? Would it not be smarter to influence them to comprehend and make their own particular thoughts from that comprehension? What should the concentration at that point be in a class — tuning in or composing?

Repetition learning or taking notes verbatim, in monotone hues with no fascinating visuals does not help in recollecting, rather it advances overlooking! One must urge youngsters to archive their lessons in a way that is connecting with and characteristic to them. Obviously listening is critical, yet children ought to likewise be given a sensible interim to scribble down their comprehension of what was educated in class, as mind maps. These mind maps enable youngsters to record and recall what they comprehend in class in a customized way, which likewise makes for an incredible correction apparatus.


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