Geography Tuition For Secondary School Students

Geography Tuition For Secondary School Students in Singapore


  • O’levels Combines Humanities 2267 Singapore
  • O’levels Geography 2263 Singapore


  • Emphasis the use of memory improvement techniques to help students memorise.
  • Gegraphy is a highly memory intensive subject.
  • Total of 10 powerful memory improvement techniques to be learned.
  • Each memory techniques has different applications.
  • For example the RR-Memory-Technique is used to memorise geography essay based questions.
  • The NS Memory Techniques is used to memorise any information that contains numbers or digits.
  • Memory principles such as how to store information from short-term to long-term memory is also to be learned.



  • Founder and chief trainer at Pinnacle Minds.
  • Founder of UMONIC
  • Held the world record for the longest colour sequence memorized. Memorised 160 colours in 5 minutes 20 seconds.
  • Represented Singapore in the World Memory Championships in 2011.
  • Memorised 480 numbers in 60 minutes, 460 binary digits in 30 minutes, 51 names, and faces in 15 minutes, 98 words in 15 minutes and 176 abstract images in 15 minutes.
  • Have thought over 30,000 students memory improvement techniques worldwide.
  • Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment.
  • A Graduate From Monash University, Melbourne.



  • $140 per hour.
  • Min 2 hours a week.
  • Location: Chai Chee Ave.
  • 1 on 1 session.


  • $80 per hour.
  • 2 hours a week.
  • Location: Chai Chee Ave.
  • Small size of only 4 students per group.
  • Every Saturday: 9am-11am



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The Top 10 Memory Improvement Tips

Enhancing your memory doesn’t need to be a troublesome procedure. It is tied in with figuring out how your mind functions best and utilizing this information further bolstering your good fortune. You don’t need to change your mind’s memory frameworks.

To kick you off, here are 10 (+ 2) effective memory change tips. Not at all like recommendations like “eat more choline,” the greater part of the memory procedures underneath take only a couple of minutes of training to have an impact, yet will enable you to recollect nearly anything when you to need to.

1. Focus on what you need to recollect

For anything you see, hear, notice, feel, or touch to really turn into a memory, you need to focus on it. The most vital motivation behind why individuals can’t recollect other individuals’ names is that they don’t give careful consideration to the name amid a presentation. Focus on rememberThe same applies to “overlooking” regardless of whether you have bolted the entryway. You were likely doing it on autopilot and your mind was possessed with a few musings about the future or past. Along these lines, regardless of whether you need to recall a name, an activity, or whatever other data, try to focus, and you will be astounded how dependable your memory really is.

2. Abstain from multitasking at whatever point conceivable

Multitasking might be a sign of present day times, and you may think that its important to chat on the telephone while turning off that stove, or heading to work. Concentrates however have demonstrated that 98% of the general population can’t multitask, that is, they can truly just focus on one action at any given moment. By multitasking, you are basically exchanging your consideration between various exercises and will undoubtedly lose some data. The more you switch, the more you lose.

3. Get your blood streaming and get oxygen to your mind

Exercise enhances memoryFor the majority of mankind’s history, we settled on our most essential choices while being upright and in movement. Regardless of whether individuals were chasing for sustenance or endeavoring to abstain from getting to be nourishment, they likely did it while moving or standing. Lamentably, advancement is not that quick, and our mind and body have not yet turned out to be acclimated to our inactive way of life.

Your mind needs great blood stream and oxygen to work well, and the most ideal approach to get this is by moving. Go for no less than twenty minutes of direct high-impact practice every day.

Utilize time boxing: If you are getting ready for an exam, or sitting at your work area to peruse and recollect, exchange between 20-to-30-minute investigation periods and 5-to-10-minute blasts of light exercise.

4. Imagine what you need to recall and associate it to something you definitely know

To retain new data, we need to interface it to something we definitely know, or at the end of the day, we need to make affiliations. Representation is a capable apparatus to make great affiliations and enhance your memory for any sort of information.Visualize to make affiliations

Here is an illustration: Your better half/spouse requests that you get a book on cultivating from your companion Jim when you next meet him.

To recollect this, make a relationship between your companion (signal) and the book, reminding you to ask him when you see him.

Envision Jim opening the entryway, having a major book and a few carrots in his mouth. You make proper acquaintance, however he, having his mouth full, just mutters something. Whenever you see Jim, his face will in all probability help you to remember the carrots and the book in his mouth. Ok – I expected to request this book on cultivating.

Attempt the Number Rhymes to rehearse representation and in the meantime take in an extremely viable and handy memory strategy.

5. Battle the entryway impact: Before setting off to another space to get a thing or accomplish something, rationally practice what you will do

The entryway effectMost of us have gone to another space to get a thing, and upon landing, we have overlooked what we needed to do. Why would that be? Science has thought of two essential clarifications for this sort of overlooking:

Initially, we conferred our goal to memory in one condition, and now we are remaining in another room that conceivable has altogether different elements. A few examinations have demonstrated that we have a tendency to recall data best in the earth in which we have learned it. This marvel is generally known as setting subordinate memory.

Second, by strolling through the entryway, you are flagging your mind that an occasion has passed. This urges the mind to “cleanse” the occasion subtle elements from the cutting edge of your memory. This cleansing at occasion limits has turned out to be known as the entryway impact. In the event that this happens again and again for your taste, you are not the only one.

Have a go at countering the entryway impact by envisioning or disclosing to yourself what you will do ahead of time, before you set out for your goal room: While you are still in your lounge room, picture yourself strolling to the kitchen, opening the cooler entryway, and taking out that wine bottle. At that point go and do it.

6. Consider the significance of names you need to recollect, and add data to make them important

Make names meaningfulAgain, to enhance your memory for new data, you need to make successful relationship between this new data and what is now put away in your memory.

Here is a case on the best way to add importance to data: You are acquainted with a man called “Bronislaw”. (Bronislaw is a well known Polish initially name).

Ask yourself, what does the name intend to me? To me, “Bron is law” looks (and sounds somewhat) like “darker is law.” I happen to realize that in Thailand policemen regalia have a tendency to be darker – “darker is law” – Bronislaw.

7. Get enough rest

A huge number of research has demonstrated that rest enhances memory and understanding. To help framing new recollections, we have to rest enough before learning, and to unite these recollections, we have to rest enough subsequent to learning. To what extent would it be a good idea for you to rest? Go for no less than 7 hours for every night.

It is safe to say that you are in requirement for a memory support amid the day? Take a more drawn out snooze in the early evening. Sixty-to-hour and a half snoozes fortify recently gained recollections and reestablish our ability to learn.

8. Unwind

It is normal to be somewhat worried around an up and coming exam, meeting or date. After all it is important to us, so we need to be taking care of business. Fortunately here and now, direct anxiety really supports memory. Be that as it may, when stretch winds up noticeably concentrated or continues for a really long time, it hinders the development of new recollections and review of data we definitely know. Steady anxiety, stresses, and weight are memory executioners:

Unending anxiety has been appeared to actually slaughter neurons in the hippocampus, a mind region imperative for memory, so when you get a handle on pushed, don’t endeavor to accomplish business as usual. Go for a walk and unwind.

9. Learn mental helper procedures on the off chance that you have to retain an extensive number of certainties, names, or other data quick

Mental helpers run from straightforward memory helps to retain names, dates, or definitions to finish mental documenting frameworks. The Method of Loci, otherwise called the Memory Palace Technique, enables you to retain several things all together. Other than being exceedingly powerful, mental aide strategies are enjoyable to learn. An awesome apparatus to learn outside dialect vocabulary is the Keyword technique.

The Number Shape System is one framework to get you startedNumber shape swan

Record the numbers from 0 to 9, each on a different line, on a sheet of paper.

Presently take a gander at each number.

What does the state of the number help you to remember? Which protest rings a bell? Record this question beside the number.

Practice your affiliations a couple of times: Mentally experience the rundown and envision each protest as distinctively as possible. These items turn into your pegs. You now have an alleged memory aide peg framework prepared to be of administration.

Here is my rundown:

Number shape memory helper peg systemHow to utilize the Number Shape System

When you need to recollect a thing, simply envision it, or shockingly better imagine it cooperating with a peg. Begin with the principal peg in your number shape list. For instance, assume you need to recollect a shopping list:

Quart of drain

Letter envelopes


The primary thing you need to purchase is a quart of drain. Envision tossing a football at the dairy rack with the drain bottles. Upon affect, the jugs are skipping around, some pop open, and drain is sprinkling everywhere.

The following thing is a pack of letter envelopes. Envision they are letters composed by a legislator you totally hate. Set them ablaze with your consuming light. Proceed in this design for each of the things on your rundown.

When you need to review the shopping list, simply begin with the number 0 and review the related number shape (here an American football). This will bring back the memory of the football crushing the drain bottle retire and advise you that you needed to purchase drain. Proceed in a similar manner for each number.

10. Practice review without anyone else testing

This is my own best memory change tip.To keep data you have remembered, you need to tell your cerebrum that it is vital to you. This reinforces the associations between all the distinctive mind cells engaged with a specific memory.

Presumably the most intense and flexible procedure to accomplish this is honing review without anyone else testing. In different examinations, self-testing has been appeared to be the among the most time-productive memory change techniques.

Suppose you need to recall the vital parts of an article or book you are right now perusing: Prepare a short rundown of inquiries you will test yourself on. When in doubt, transform passage headings into questions.

After you have finished your perusing, enjoy a short reprieve and afterward answer the inquiries from memory. You can additionally enhance this by noting the inquiries again the following day, at that point two days after the fact…

Review hone is not restricted to composed data. You can likewise utilize it to recall the essence of a narrative you have viewed on TV or YouTube, or to remember the route to a new goal.

Separated Repetition App

Versatile separated redundancy programming, for example, Anki (my top pick) or Flashcards Deluxe, enables you to test yourself, while consequently monitoring what you know and what you need to hone more. These applications are accessible for PC/Mac and your cell phone, and synchronize data between various gadgets.

Note down data in an inquiry and answer arrangement, and test yourself at whatever point you have a touch of time. Would you like to take in another dialect or plan for an expert exam yet have no time? Practice while driving, siting in your specialist’s holding up room, or lining for your eatery table, rather than feeling exhausted.

11. Make utilization of outside signs and suggestions to help yourself to remember future occasions and errands

Recalling things you have to do later on and arrangements you have to keep postures two difficulties: You have to recollect what you needed to do, and you have to recollect when you needed to do it.

To keep your dental practitioner arrangement, I suggest you basically set an alert or utilize the date-book in your cell phone, or influence a section in a paper to logbook.

Outer prompt as reminderSome errands are activated by occasions as opposed to time: One choice for these undertakings is to utilize perception, as depicted prior, for interfacing occasions and things you have to do.

Notwithstanding, if an assignment includes a protest you as of now have, the most effortless path is to unmistakably put that question in a place you will run over at the season of the occasion.

For instance, to remind yourself to take your medication after supper, put the pharmaceutical on the supper table. Do this correct when you frame the aim. To make sure to take your books back to the library, put them by your auto keys.

12. Give a discourse without notes and make notes while under the shower utilizing a straightforward peg word framework

Cell phone applications like Evernote or OneNote are incredible for bringing notes and scribbling down thoughts while in a hurry, however not by any stretch of the imagination functional while cleaning up. Frequently splendid thoughts strike us in the most peculiar of circumstances, and on the off chance that you don’t seize them when they fly up, they are likely away for good.

Take in a simple to-utilize memory framework, for example, the Number Shape System (presented above) or the Number Rhymes in five minutes and keep your flashes of insight.Mnemonic Peg System

You can likewise utilize these peg word frameworks to give a rousing discourse from memory

Compose your discourse on a sheet of paper, and read it so anyone can hear to ensure it streams well. After you are finished with cleaning, surround the key indicates and peg every one of the 10 numbered snares in the Number Rhyme System.

Amid your discourse, just rationally experience each of the pegged key thoughts and you will never stall out. You will be very much arranged and certain, and this will go over in your discourse. Recalling 10 key focuses is generally enough, yet in the event that you require more, the Method of Loci enables you to remember any number of thoughts.

Which memory change tips should you begin with

Since we have really secured a best 12 rundown of memory change tips, I suggest you begin by taking 2 or 3 of these procedures and practice them in your every day life.

You likely definitely know where your memory “comes up short” you the most. Pick the methodologies you feel are nearest to your need, begin applying them, and you will astonish yourself, by how much your memory will move forward.

On the off chance that you need to add some extra methods to your mental apparatus chest, additionally read my post on enhancing center and fixation.

Have you attempted any of these tips previously? Which one do you like best?

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